FIFA World Cup Winners in the Last Four Tournaments, reported by agensbobet888

Football supporters around the world find this event as a big event, said agensbobet888. FIFA World Cup refers to an international football competition that is held once in four years. Only the member of this federation can participate in this match. The latest competition was held last year in Russia. In this year, FIFA is conducting FIFA women World CUP 2019 in France. In every term, the winner of World Cup is from different country. This article would cover a brief description of football teams that ever won the FIFA World Cup tournament in the previous four years. Let’s get familiar with these champions, says agensbobet888.

France National Football Team

In July 2018, this football team took the World Cup’s trophy to their home country. The Blues or Les Blues is their popular name among their supporters. This is not the first time France getting victory in World Cup. They also won in 1998. All team players have two kinds of football uniforms. Their team’s colors are blue, white and red. Currently, French team is trained by Didier Deschamps as head coach. Their captain is Hugo Lioris.  FRA is the FIFA code for France National Football team, says agensbobet888.

Germany National Football Team

A national team from Germany became the winner of FIFA World Cup 2014.  This team got victory after beating Argentina’s national team to be runners-up.  They scored 1-0 to win this tournament. This is their fourth championships in history. Germany is one of the most successful national teams. Germany team takes GER as their code in FIFA. The head coach is Joachim Low and the captain is Manuel Neuer, says agensbobet888. Germany also ever won FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2007.

Spain National Football Team

Every team has their own time to blossom. The Spain national football team got their first champion at World Cup tournament in 2010. The tournament was held in South Africa. The Netherlands national team had to accept position as runners-up after they could not defeat Spain national team very well. They lost at score 1-0. This Spain team is called as La Roja or the red one and La Furia or The read fury as nicknames. Robert Moreno is responsible to be the head coach of this team. Spain team has Sergio Ramos as their Captain. Spain gets a code as ESP in the FIFA, says agensbobet888.

Italy National Football Team

The winner of 18th FIFA World Cup was the national team from Italy. This team could defeat their opponent, France National Team to secure the victory position. All officials and players were very joyful to win this international match with final score 5-3 through penalty shoot. Germany was hosting all FIFA members to participate at FIFA World Cup 2006.  Italy national football team was successful to get World Cup title fourth times. The current coach for this team is Roberto Mancini.  Under ITA as FIFA Code, Giorgio Chiellini has the responsibility to be the captain. The have combination of white and blue as their official football uniform, says agensbobet888.