Real Madrid is a top football team in Europe. Having some talented football players, the team predicted will be the winner of some leagues, such as La Liga, Champions League, and Premiere League. But, the performance of Real Madrid may not fulfill people’s expectations. Real Madrid often defeated by other team this season. When it happens, public predict career of Zidane, Ronaldo and Bale in Real Madrid. As we know that those names are so famous in Real Madrid. Zidane is a manager of Real Madrid, while Ronaldo and Bale are talented football players of Real Madrid. But, are they work consistently this season?

Zidane Prediction, Ronaldo and Bale Career in Real Madrid

Real Madrid defeated by Espanyol, on February 28, 2018. That was a match in La Liga that was held in the 26th week. It is not first loss experienced by Real Madrid. In La Liga, Real Madrid has been defeated by some clubs. It looks so worst because many people expect this team to be the winner of La Liga. Actually, Real Madrid could show better performance before defeating by Espanyol. But finally the team makes fans feel so regret because defeated by other club again.

Zidane becomes a person who is criticized by many people. A manager of football team will take responsibility whenever the team defeated by other team. Zidane relies on Ronaldo and Bale to bring Real Madrid to the victory. But, the reality is so painful. Ronaldo can’t play consistently. The performance looks lower than before. Bale also got injuries and couldn’t play well in Real Madrid. So, what will happen to Zidane, Ronaldo and Bale in Real Madrid? Are they survive or leave Real Madrid in the next season? Let’s we talk about prediction of Zidane, Ronaldo, and Bale’s career in Real Madrid. judi bola online

Zinedine Zidane

Zenedine Zidane often talked by many peopla in Spain. It happens because Zidane is considered failed in making Real Madrid shining this season. Real Madrid’s performance looks not better than performance in previous season. In La Liga, the team left by other teams in top position. Barcelona scores more points than Real Madrid. It means Real Madrid will be so difficult to get La Liga’s trophy. Real Madrid has ever defeated by Barcelona in La Liga for this season. It makes the team looks losing its hope to be the winner of La Liga.

But, there is positive character of Zidane. He is a nice manager who will not blame the football players. When many people critic Sergio Ramoz, he tried to defend Sergio Ramoz and always support that player. Zidane will also give support to football player. So, he will be able to make football players always like him and don’t want to let him go. Zidane has ever defended Gareth Bale too. According to him, Bale will be the part of Real Madrid in the next season, although Bale has gotten injuries. But, no matter the positive character had by Zidane, Zidane can’t survive in Real Madrid if the team can’t show better performance in some leagues. So, there is possibility for Zidane to leave Real Madrid in the next season. Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend of Real Madrid. Many people have high expectation toward this player. But, nobody is perfect. Ronaldo often becomes the star, but he can also be the star who loses its light. It means that Ronaldo can’t play consistently in some matches. Cristiano Ronaldo has ever talked about his plan to leave Real Madrid. It is because he felt so regret to Real Madrid’s fans. Actually, fans of Real Madrid don’t like the character of Ronaldo who can’t show maximal performance in some leagues.

According to fans, Ronaldo looks like a football player who doesn’t want to play in this season. Kew that assumption, Ronaldo felt so angry that time. But, Real Madrid’s management always tries to support Ronaldo. Management will always rely on Ronaldo. Ronaldo will not leave Real Madrid, because he is the most talented player in Real Madrid. The vice of Real Madrid’s management said that there is a player who can replace Ronaldo’s role in Real Madrid. Ronaldo will be the legend of Real Madrid in football history. According to Raul Gonzales, Ronaldo will be the most important player in Real Madrid. He couldn’t show best performance in the beginning, but until today, he hassuccessfully scored 30 goals. It means, there is a possibility for Ronaldo to survive in Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale Real Madrid

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is one of talented football players had by Real Madrid. He can play so well and also scores so many goals. The role of Gareth Bale gives positive impact to Real Madrid. With Real Madrid, the player can receive some trophies. But, he often gets injuries. It is a reason of why his career looks worse in Real Madrid. We can mention that Ronaldo’s career in Real Madrid is safe, but Gareth Bale’s career is not safe. Real Madrid may be able to choose player to transfer to other club, and Gareth Bale predicted will be transferred to other club. As we know that a club needs players who can give positive impact. By getting injuries, Gareth Bale will not be able to give positive impact to Real Madrid. In La Liga, Gareth Bale passed some matches because of his injuries. So, he just scored 10 goals from 24 matches. If Gareth Bale can be free of his injuries, he can be “asset” for Real Madrid. But, the agent of Bale said that Bale is precious football player had by Real Madrid. Bale loves Real Madrid and doesn’t want to leave that team. He is also the star of Real Madrid. Many clubs are interested in recruiting Bale. If he leaves Real Madrid, he may join other club, such as Chelsea and Manchester United.

Those are some predictions of Zidane, Ronaldo, and Bale’s career in Real Madrid. If the names mentioned above can show better performance in the future, Real Madrid may not let them go. This season will be the best time for them to show best performance. It is done to get safe position in Real Madrid.