16th round Champions League started to hold this week. In the first leg of 16th round Champions League, Manchester United beat to Sevilla on Thursday, 22th February 2018 in Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadion, the home stadion of Spanish team. This match run utter a shot and at least it is not a balance match.

Sevilla’s Domination

Along the match, the Red Devils are under pressure. This could be seen from displayed statistics. According to note of Squawka, Manchester United lost in creating shoots and chances to the opposite team goal. This was proven by only creating 6 chances in which one chance was on goal target. It is different from the opposite team, Sevilla, recording 25 times of chances and 8 times of on goal target or shoot on target. Based on the match statistics, Manchester United was actually lucy because it is able to draw to Sevilla. It was caused by the superior action from Manchester United’s goalkeeper, David De Gea.

David De Gea Was Manchester United’s Hero

A performance of Spanish national team goalkeeper was superb and brilliant. It was not surprisingly after the match, De Gea got many praises of some sides due to his action to prevent goals. One of the important save moments conducted by De Gea was able to hold a header of Sevilla striker, Luis Muriel in a short distance. Muriel’s position is very potential to make goal from his header due to face to face to Manchester United’s goalkeeper.

Colombian striker didn’t trust that his header can be saved by the tall goalkeeper. It surely made him disappointed because he triffled away a golden chance in the match. The striker gave high praises to De Gea due to his saves. He regarded that De Gea is amazing and potential goalkeeper. De Gea’s superb saves, it makes Daily Mail conducted an interesting analysis by calculating position distance of De Gea and Muriel only 4.5 meter. The ball speed of Muriel’s header reached 91.4 km per hour. It means that the ball header distance from Muriel to De Gea was only 0.18 seconds. It is not surprisingly that De Gea’s saves deserve to appreciate amazingly by some sides.

De Gea recorded 8 saves in 16th round Champions League. But, a number of saves were beat by a number of Edwin Van Der Sar’s saves in Champions League when he was a Red Devil’s team. Van Der Sar in 2011 was able to save 11 times. Though he lost, an overall performance of De Gea in Manchester United was very great and marvelous. He was able to conduct 4 clean sheets from 5 matches in Champions League. He performed 27 matches in Premier League making him look great. He made Manchester United’s goal clean sheet in 15 matches.

It is not only happened in 16th round Champions League in this week, heroic actions of De Gea was shown. He often do amazing and terrible saves. It was recorded in the last December, he was able to make many people give appreciates to him. He was able to make Arsenal FC’s players frustrated because made chances didn’t make any goals. He recorded to make 14 amazing saves in the important match. David De Was Manchester United Hero


Every heroic action conducted by 27 years old goalkeeper makes many big football clubs get interested to get his signature. Real Madrid become the most interested club related to Spanish goalkeeper. This club had teased some times De Gea to go home and back to Spain. Even, in 2015, he almost moved to Santiago Bernabeu but it was failed due to the late administration process. Talking about a speculation of his move, De Gea doesn’t talk to much. He was more 7 seasons being Manchester United’s player. But, he doesn’t find the right reason to leave this club having a home stadion in Old Trafford. He is still happy and comfortable in this club. Even he regards that this club is so special because he comes to this club when he was young. Manchester United becomes De Gea’s second home.

Jose Mourinho Under Pressure  

Manchester United vs Sevilla match was not the best performance of Manchester United. It was shown by statistics in this match. After the match ended, Mourinho attended in pers conference. Of course, journalists have been ready with many questions about tactics in this match. Journalist’s questions made Mourinho under pressure. He didn’t accept and gave bitter answers to journalists’ questions. Even, he included big Manchester United stars in his answers. A dissapointing match to Sevilla made Manchester United work harder to go ahead 8th round Champions League in this season. Actually Manchester United’s chance is big because the second league will be held in Old Trafford home stadion. Of course, a team work of Manchester United is required to go ahead the next round. The public will wait for De Gea’s heroic actions in Old Trafford.

De Gea Deserves to be The Best Goalkeeper in Premier League  

De Gea’s performance made public amazed in the first leg of Sevilla match in 16th round Champions league in this season. De Gea’s actions made him become the best goalkeeper in Premier League and even in Champions League. He saved Manchester United goals for times. He was proven to be a less goal keeper in Premier League. He got 19 goals in this season. If the goalkeeper is not De Gea, of course Manchester United got more 30 goals in this season.

De Gea looked very busy under goalpost. The business of De Gea was caused by Red Devils having no best defense so that the opposite team is able to penetrate MU defense line. De Gea was able to do 87 saves from 2.430 minutes in Premier League. He saved MU goalpost per 27.9 minutes per a match. Of course, it becomes the fewer time than the other goalkeepers. De Gea also becomes a goalkeeper with many clean sheets. He was able to make 15 times of clean sheet. He lead to the other top goalkeepers in Premier League.